A good morning makes a GREAT day

A good morning, in my opinion, really can make a BIG difference in how your day turns out.  For me I like to have a routine to help ensure a good day…and this is it.

I am not perfect

Don’t get me wrong I don’t follow this step by step EVERYDAY but I try to as much as I can.  

The hardest one for me is to not reach for my phone.  I instinctively wake up and want to see what notifications I have, or what emails have come through, but when I don’t and take a few minutes for me it makes such a difference.

I find that I am more prepared to face whatever is waiting for me with a clear head and a positive attitude…which is always a good way to tackle the day.

Just a guide

I understand that your personal preference may not be just like mine.  Use this a guide to set up your own routine.  

Make it perfect for you.  You will be glad you did.  I promise!!

For the printable version click here

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