School Lunch Ideas

It is back to school time once again.  I honestly have no idea where the summer went, but it is time to jump back into school head first.  Not only is it time to wake up early but it is also time to think about school lunches that the kids will actually like…well I am here to help.

Don’t Stress

The last thing you need to stress about with back to school craziness is lunch…use this chart, School Lunch Ideas Printable and let the kids help pick what they want, to make lunch easy, and maybe even a little fun.

On Saturday or Sunday let the kids pick what sounds good, run to the store to pick up what you might need and then let them help make the baggies or make a roll up.

A Balanced Lunch

The trick is to pick one from each of the categories, and maybe even 2 from the fruit and veggie section.  That way there is protein, veggie (and/or fruit) a snack, drink and a treat making for a balanced lunch that any kid would love.  

Remember to pick at least 1 high protein item as that will keep them fuller longer.

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