Honey… So Thankful For Her

Writing about Honey was much harder than I thought it would be.  My mom is my heart and I hope you can see a little bit of that below.  


#2 – MY MOM  – aka HONEY

There is so much I could say about this AMAZING lady I get to call my mom, but I will try and keep it short.

From my earliest of memories my mom has always been a strong, beautiful, outgoing, full of life, eyelash wearing woman that I wanted to be just like.  She showed my brothers and I how to truly love unconditionally (more on that in another post), how to forgive, how to lead, how to care, how to laugh, how to throw a party, how to give of yourself, how to cry, how to celebrate, how to grieve, how to live & love in faith but most importantly how to live relentlessly and in the moment.

More than just living life mom taught me what it meant to be a lady.  She taught me how to host guests, how to set a table, how to cook with love. Mom taught me how to speak like a lady but also with authority.  She taught me how to be string yet gentle.  A lot of our time together in my early years was spent in the kitchen and one of my favorite recipes of hers was her Hello Dollies.  It is still a favorite of our families today.

My mom has had her fair share of struggles. Through each one of them she worked through them the best she could.  She wasn’t always perfect, but in her imperfection is truly where I loved her more and more.

Life with Honey

I now have the awesome privilege of being one of my mom’s primary care takers now.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago and it is progressing along much faster than any of us want.  Especially her.  With each new day mom is still as strong willed, diligent, and loving as ever.  Even as she faces new challenges she is still so full of love and excitement for life.  She loves all of her kids, but she is ALL ABOUT her grandkids.  I am so thankful that Wes and Audra and my mom get time with their Honey so often.  My family knows what it is to lose those most important to us, and we know our time is limited with her but everyday I count it a blessing to be with her and love on her and share life with her.

Today and everyday I am thankful for the role model my mom is and I pray that as I continue in my journey of life I can share her love and zest for life with those I come in contact with.  I love you Mom!!

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