Back to School Lunches made Easier

Back to school is here.  I cannot believe how fast this summer has flown by.  I may not have any littles of my own but I have loved hanging out with some special ones this summer and honestly I am a little sad they are going to back so soon.

To help out my mommy friends out there I thought I would share my quick reference School Lunch Planner that helps keep the lunches healthy but also fun and delicious.

A little something of everything 

First you start with a main course.  You can keep this pretty simple but still yummy.  Some ideas I had was as simple as a sandwich to something fun like a quesadilla or a chicken kabob.  I know if I was a  kid I would petty jealous of the kid with the chicken kabob sitting next to me…I’m just saying.

Next comes the fruit and veggies.  The idea is to pick at least one of each but the more the merrier, so if your kids are all about fruits and veggies than pack them in.  Maybe even make a salad bringing  in the main course and the fruits and veggies into one dish.  Salads can be fun, like a taco salad or tuna salad, maybe even a pizza themed salad.  The possibilities are endless.

Lastly add in a little treat, sweet or savory (or both) and don’t forget the drink.  Before you know it your done and the kids are going to LOVE it!

For all the ideas click here to print.

Get the kids involved

One of my favorite things when I was in school was helping my mom make our lunches.  We always tried to make them the night before (the mornings were too busy) and she would let us pick something we loved for our each individual lunch.  

It made lunch just a little bit more yummy.

Hoping this helps to make the back to school season a little easier and maybe even a little more fun!

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