All about YOU (at least for 30 days)

OK, I know it is hard to sometimes make time for you.  Your busy with work, family, friends, housework, kids, church…the list goes on and on.  I understand I have been there, but I have learned just recently how important it is to take some time for yourself.  Trust me and in 30 days you will see what I am talking about.

Don’t worry I am not talking about a ton of time, I am talking about 10-15 minutes a day…that’s all.

Step 1….Grab a Journal

Confession time…I am I am journal junkie.  I use them for work, personal, in my car…and the more I have the happier I am.  For me a lined journal is my preference.  My mom prefers unlined.  I have some that are hard back, some that have rings, some that have a saying or a picture and others that are just plain.  

There are so many options out there, find one that speaks to you.

Step 2…Get your Favorite Pen

I know this may sound silly but when you have a good pen can make journaling an even better experience.   I like colored pens, but that is just me.

Step 3…Set Aside Time

Find a 10-15 minute block of time that you can set aside each day.  I prefer to start my day with my “Me” time, but it can be anytime during the day that works for you…nap time for the kids, just before bedtime, happy hour…whatever works for you.

Step 4…Jump In

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Step 5…Sit Back and ENJOY!

Make a point to enjoy the next 30 days.  They really can be GREAT and life changing.  Sit back and enjoy it…YOU DESERVE IT!

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