A-Z … what inspires you and those around you?

Do you remember back in grade school you would make lists based on the alphabet…well I have a challenge for you.  Lets make a list, based on the alphabet, of what inspires us.


Yes you read that right…lets list what inspires us A to Z.

     A – Admiration

     B – Beauty

     C – Creativity


     S – Smarts


     Z – Zebras (yes… Zebras) 

This is your list and you can be inspired by anything…even Zebras.

Make it a game

Use this as a challenge with your family and friends.  Maybe for family game night (kinda like a scrabble game), or maybe on your next road trip…or just for you.

I used it as a time of self reflection … I think it is important to do that sometimes, and this was a fun challenge.

For a printable version click here

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