bring on the honey…and lots of it

It is no secret that I love to bake…I mean I really love cooking in general but baking is just so fun!   Recently I have been looking for some ways to have all my yummy baked goodies but maybe with a little less sugar.  Honey is the answer and it is so YUMMY!


It is all about the sweet…

My favorite way to replace traditional granulated sugar is with honey.  It is sweet and way better for you in the long run.  Now that sounds like a win win.

Local is my favorite 

My favorite honey is local.  I love finding different vendors at the local farmers markets.  The sugar straight from the bee farmer just tastes so much better…SO MUCH BETTER!

While your checking out all the local vendors make sure and check out the different varieties.  Maybe a lavender scent one, or a basil one.  I also tried an amber one last week and it was amazing.  All the options are so fun and perfect for cooking and/or baking.  Have some fun in the kitchen with honey…all the while adding flavor and reducing the sugar.

To print this chart for a reference click here.

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