no empty pitchers here…

pitcherThis is a lesson that has been hard for me to learn.   It is much easier to give and give then to say no…at least for me. 

Running on empty…

Just about a year a go I started learning this the hard way.  I was giving and giving, without any regard for my own health or well being until I couldn’t give anymore.

I felt run down, tired and unable to do much of anything.  A nap was a must everyday and I still couldn’t wait to go to bed early.

I was missing out on so much with my family and friends.  I tried to exercise, I changed my eating and nothing seemed to work.  Finally it was time to address it with a Dr. and see what was going on with me. 

Getting all checked out

First thing first we did a physical and everything seemed fine and then the blood work came back.  My iron levels were EXTREMELY low, meaning I was very anemic, and needed to address the problem ASAP.  First I had a blood transfusion and then the tests continued.  

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and everything was fine.  More tests and still my iron levels were too low.  I was dizzy a lot, couldn’t drive and my life was coming to a halt.  It was almost too much to handle.  

The answer finally came

I have been dealing with endometriosis for many years, and because of that I was in constant pain, but never thought it was causing my anemia.  That is until I went to a new OB/GYN and my life changed.  After a lot of discussion & prayers I decided it was time for a hysterectomy.   It may seem extreme but when you have been dealing with the issues I have for as long as I have it seemed like the best next step…and it was for sure!

Just about 2 months a go I had the operation and my world has changed completely.  After getting through the first couple weeks of the recovery process I am basically pain free and defiantly feeling better each and everyday.  I am so, so thankful for God’s guidance and his promises. 

Lesson learned…

Through this process I have learned that giving to others is a great thing but you have to take care of you at the same time.  Looking back if I wouldn’t have been so wrapped up in everyone else, maybe I would have realized how I was feeling earlier in process.

Regardless, this is a lesson that I will take with me going forward, and try to share with others.  You can only give what you can and if you let your pitcher run dry, life could change for you in ways you never expected.  

Remember to never get too busy to take time for yourself – those around you will thank you!!


Make today sparkle – MJ



If you want to print this as a reminder to slow down…          click here for the link


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