Believe ALWAYS!

believeSometimes all you have is is what you believe in.  

Miracles are everywhere

Growing up my mom and dad made sure to always help me to look at the bright side of things.  As I got older they also helped me to learn to appreciate all of God’s miracles that are all around me.

Some miracles are small like a flower blooming or how a caterpillar knows how to crawl.  Then there are some BIG miracles like a child being born or someone being healed from a  disease.

There are also some miracles that maybe we don’t appreciate as a miracle, but they truly are.  

Everyday Miracles

Miracles are all around us…everyday, but it is up to us to recognize them.  

Make sure to take time to recognize the miracles that make each day something special and unique.  And remember to thank the Lord for allowing us to witness them each day…we truly are the children of a great and mighty Lord.

Print this out (click here) as a quick reminder to take time and recognize all the miracles that are around you each & everyday.


sprout_1 copy

Remember to make everyday sparkle – MJ


For the link to the FREE printable click here

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