be thankful

thankful purpleIt is Monday…the beginning of the week.  A time to start fresh…a time to be be thankful.

What are you thankful for?

     > your kids

     > your spouse

     > your family

     > friends

     > work

     > home

     > today’s opportunity

     > your dreams


Never really thought about it?

That’s ok…lets start now.

Take a few minutes and list out 5 things you are thankful for.  

Go ahead….I will wait.


My list today was

     1.  The Hubby

     2.  The ability to follow my passions

     3.  My health, and how it is continuing to get better each day 

     4.  My faith and my renewed commitment to it

     5.  My dreams that I have for The Hubby and I…trust me they are BIG!!


OK now that you have your 5 things take that list and put it somewhere that will see it throughout the day.  I usually keep mine on my desk or in my wallet, depending on my day and then when I need a reminder to be thankful it is right there waiting for me.  

I know this sounds simple but trust me, this one simple step can make a HUGE difference in how you take on the day.

Stay tuned for additional ways to make your day more productive in the coming days.

In the mean time if you would like to print out this reminder click here – you could write your 5 things on the back of the sign.

Remember to be thankful and to make today SPARKLE!!


PS – Comment below and let me know something your thankful for…lets share to help other’s in their journey of thankfulness.

To print it click here

and then comment below one thing you are thankful for

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