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awesome selfDo you ever have one of those days that you wake up and you just kinda feel blah?  Well, I know I have and I wish I would have had this sign posted somewhere to remind me to be awesome. 

I know that may sounds kinda cheesy but its true…I love having uplifting sayings around every so often to just remind me to look at the brighter side of things…and this one is perfect for just that very thing.

As simple as this sounds it can sometimes be very hard to remember…especially in the middle of a trial or uncertain time in your life.  

I learned this lesson when I was a young junior high girl.  Junior High is hard enough on its own, but it was exceptionally difficult for me my entire 6th grade year.  I just couldn’t seem to find my place, a group of friends I could trust, or an activity I felt I could excel at…so instead I retreated to my mom’s office (she had an office at the school I was attending) and would hang out there anytime I could, all the while missing out on learning who my AWESOME self really was.

Well, over the years, and after many more struggles here and there, I finally learned that who I am on the inside is what matters and what other’s think of me is not important.  If I can’t look at myself in the mirror and be happy with me then I needed to do something to change it.  As hard as it was at times (and can still be) it is so important to learn how to be happy with me and to show that side to others.

So next time that your feeling a little down or uncertain, or you have someone in your life who may be struggling feel free to pass this message along.  You can print it here, and then stick it wherever it would be the most helpful or inspirational to you (or the one you care about).

No matter what is going on around you, or in you, remember you are awesome and you deserve to show that side ALWAYS…even when you don’t think you can!!



Helping make your life sparkle a little more – MJ

To print out this sign click here

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