A smart person…

know what to sayThis quote really speaks to me a lot…I have always wanted to be more wise than smart.  

Have you ever had something to say but in the back of your head there was something telling you to not say it?

Well I know from experience that sometimes it is definitely lest to listen to that little voice…even if you have to literally hold your tongue (or bite it) to make yourself not talk.

For me I like visual reminders and this printable is a perfect thing for me to hang up on my bathroom mirror, above my desk, put in my car…ok really everywhere…just as a simple reminder to myself to keep my mouth shut sometimes…even if I don’t want too.

Now don’t get me wrong there are definitely times to speak up and make your opinion heard, but you know those times that I am talking about that it is better to not say anything and just let the pieces fall as they may.

To print this sign out click here…and hang it wherever you think it would be best for you (again I have it almost everywhere, but you hang it where you need too) 😉

Don’t forget to make everyday sparkle – MJ

To print the sign for FREE click here

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