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some quinoa dinner fun

OK…now I know that not everyone is a fan of quinoa.  The Hubby is not a fan at all, but it is healthy so therefore I keep trying. Quinoa? Why? There are so many reasons why but just a few are (according to this article)….  Quinoa is one of the …
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no cans here….

This is the second of several recipes from our recent Early Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner.  Don’t forget to keep to checking back often for more new recipes that will help make your Thanksgiving something to remember. Still coming…. Let’s talk about the Cranberry Sauce Are you a fan of cranberry …
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cheesy bread goodness

For me, one of the best parts of eating Italian food out is the bread.  My favorite is the crusty bread, slathered in butter with mealy cheese everywhere.   There is one small local Italian restaurant that inspired this bread that makes everything homemade.  Their pasta is homemade, their sauce …