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a twist on a sugar cookie

I love cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, brownie cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies…really ANY cookie.   A few weeks ago I decided to bring 2 of my favorites together into one delicious cookie and make a Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie. A little something for everyone Each fall The …
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a “healthy” mash

Mashed potatoes are a must have at all of our Thanksgiving celebrations and our Pot Luck Thanksgiving was no exception, but these have a little twist that surprised everyone. Make sure and check back often to get these recipes very soon… Pot Luck Fun One of the best parts of …
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no cans here….

This is the second of several recipes from our recent Early Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner.  Don’t forget to keep to checking back often for more new recipes that will help make your Thanksgiving something to remember. Still coming…. Let’s talk about the Cranberry Sauce Are you a fan of cranberry …