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Firecracker Chicken

Ready to liven up your chicken game… try Firecracker Chicken!!  Chicken is a staple on my dinner menu.  It is quick, easy and lean…but sometimes it can be kinda boring…that is until now.  Firecracker Chicken is the perfect dinner option for tonight. One pan (& a bowl)…done Not only is …
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Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

Skillet Chicken Enchiladas are the perfect quick fix dinner and I am all about a quick fix dinner.  After coming home from work I defiantly love the idea of dinner being ready in less than 45 minutes.   One Pan and DONE! Everything for this recipe is all done in …
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Green Chile Tettrazini

It is NO secret that I love me a good casserole and this casserole does NOT disappoint.  It has everything you love from a traditional rich and creamy tettrazni but with a little extra something. Full disclosure, obviously this is NOT keto…but last week was a rough one for me …