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Work Plan not Measuring up?

Is your work plan not EVERYTHING you thought it was going to be?   LET ME HELP YOU! I can help fill in the missing pieces I can help you with some options that can include unlimited Dr visits, affordable accident protection plans, critical illness insurance for the maybe’s of …

It is not too late…

It is not too late to find GREAT Health Care Coverage for 2020!    

Let Me Help You!

It is the perfect time of year to find a new plan for you and your family and I am here to help you do that. You NEED Health Insurance! You, your family and your employees NEED Health Insurance.  Not only do you need it for the routine stuff you …


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It is Open Enrollment Time

Open Enrollment is here once again.  Could it hurt to take a look and see what else is available?  I could possibly save you, your family or small business some money.  Let me try! Contact me for a FREE quote!!      

Back to School Time

I CANNOT believe Summer is almost over and school is starting.  It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating school getting out.   As much as we may want to summer to stick around for a bit, it is time to start getting back into the groove, and it …

Summer is ending…and you still need coverage

Summer is almost done… I cannot believe it.  It literally seems like yesterday we were celebrating July 4th.  I hope you had an amazing summer!  Oh yeah, did you sign up for some amazing health insurance?  No?  Well I can help you with that… give me shout today for a …


You can be protected with some of the BEST Health Care Coverage out there.. and I am here to help!  Contact me TODAY for a FREE quote!  


Now is the BEST time to find a GREAT Health Care plan for you, your family or your employees.  I can help you get it all done, and you will be shocked at how easy it really is.   Contact me NOW for a FREE quote!

IF ONLY… yep if only

I was talking to a potential client this last week and they were just so frustrated.  They had been looking for health coverage for 6 months and due to some unforeseen circumstances their search had to be put on hold once again.   I have to tell you this really …