a S’more isn’t just for camping…: S’mores are a favorite of mine.  I love the combo of graham
Berry good time…: The LONG weekend is FINALLY here and it is time to celebrate!
celebrate with cookies: The 4th of July is just around the corner (like next week)

Main Course

It’s time for a BBQ: As I have mentioned before we grill a lot around here.  If
maple loving good: Pork chops are a go to dinner for The Hubby and I.
it’s a nacho weekend: I LOVE NACHOS!  There you go, I admit it.  They are one



It’s time for a BBQ As I have mentioned before we grill a lot around here.  If it were up to me we would
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potatoes without the oven…YES I promise I just can’t stand turning on the oven in the summer.  It is just too hot here in Texas.  I mean the heat index today was like 110 degrees
Sweet & Spicy = AMAZNG BBQ Sauce I have a secret dream.  One that I have never told anyone…EVER!  I dream of winning a BBQ sauce competition. Really? Yes, for reals.  I have a recurring dream
couscous like never before A coucous salad is a must have for me in the summer.  Anytime I go to a restaurant that has a couscous side dish option it is always at

Sparkly Fun Life

This 4th of July weekend is when we celebrate
Sometimes it is nice to have this reminder….YOU ARE
This is a lesson that has been hard for