no flour needed in these brownies: I have several friends who are gluten free and I am always
you’ve been good all week: I can’t believe the first full week of 2017 is already gone.
Pumpkin & Espresso have never been so good: OK I know Thanksgiving is just a few days away, but I

Main Course

grilling in the winter (I live in Texas): One of the best parts of living in SE Texas is that
weeknight ready and oh so yummy: The Holidays have come and gone and we are back to the
Super Special Salmon (that comes together in no time): The Hubby and I LOVE salmon.  We grill it, roast it, spice



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Weeknight Risotto…yes for real I am a HUGE risotto fan.  Almost anytime it is on a menu I will probably order it, but I also love to make it at home.  Even better,
frozen has never been so fancy Not too long ago I was in the middle of a crazy week and The Hubby wanted to grill.  I always loves it when he grills but I didn’t
red rice for dinner tonight…yes, please Over the last few years I have become quite the fan of rice.  We did not eat it a ton growing up but lately I can’t get enough of

Sparkly Fun Life

This 4th of July weekend is when we celebrate
Sometimes it is nice to have this reminder….YOU ARE
This is a lesson that has been hard for